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Thursday, August 22nd 2002, 9:53pm

Three programs, two zones-Hunter Pro-C

I have a Hunter controller and would like it to run two different programs into one zone. I'd like it to continue turning on my drip system for two minutes four times a day and then use another of the programs to run the drip for ten minutes once a day. This way my hanging fuschia bakets get misted to prevent droopiness four times a day and the whole thing gets a good soaking once a day. Can this be done? It's a Hunter Pro-C with the standard three zone module only. I've got it programmed this way but it doesn't run the ten minute soak unless I set it manually. Thanks, Steve Strader, Ukiah, Ca.

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Thursday, May 22nd 2003, 4:13am

There are three different programs in the Hunter Pro-C Controller. I am assuming that you have the 2 minutes dour times day set in program "a". If you want another 10 minutes once a day, set that in Program B and set the time so therer isnt two cycles running at once

I dont know if that will help.


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