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Friday, March 21st 2003, 3:34am

RainBird vs. Hunter

I'm in the final stages of designing my sprinkler system and was getting ready to place an order on your web site, but was having a tough time selecting the Rotor sprinkler heads. I have been looking at the Rain Bird 5000 Plus and the Hunter I-20's. My following concerns are low pressure, prone to windy conditions and coverage. Price is not a concern because I would rather spend more for reliability. I have read that the Rain Bird 5000 Plus has good coverage and that the Hunter I-20's work well with low pressure. What would you recommend for my application?


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Friday, March 21st 2003, 11:31am

I have only used the Hunter I-20's a few applications, but other than that, I have used mainly Rainbird. Although I don't know your application, I have written a review on the Rainbird 5000 Plus. Either rotor is good with all of what you asked for. The review should help you decide.


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Monday, May 12th 2003, 9:05am

HI, I would not install the I-20 with low pressure at all, because that is known as a "Deluxe" head, and takes alot of solid pressure to even pop-up and engage in watering properly. If you like Hunter i would use the PGP, or the Rainbird T-Bird although the T-bird is even better for low pressure , you may have some diffculty adjusting them, while the pGP adjusts easy from the top of the rotor. How low is your pressure exactly?? I can help you further there if you give me distance, gpm, and psi you have.

Also what did you choose for spray head??? I use the Toro 570

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