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Wednesday, April 23rd 2003, 1:08pm

Imperial Valet Timer substitution

I was trying to substitute one of the lower end RainBird (PC-506) for this Imperial timer with a pump relay connection for the lake intake. The valves are all 1 1/2" and put in around 1984 (not sure what brand they are). When I tried to manually start one zone, it blew the fuse. I noticed the Imperial timer tranformer is rated at 40 VA whereas the RainBird is much less. I think I may have overloaded the RainBird. If so, can anyone recommend a better timer closer to 40 VA specs.

PS. The Imperial Valet is working fine and still is... just looking for a little more flexibility in programming.


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Friday, April 25th 2003, 6:29pm

Try a higher commercial grade controller, such as the Rainbird ESP-LX. This controller should be able to support the higher VAC valves. It is also very flexible with programming. I suggest you give it a try.

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