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Monday, November 18th 2002, 4:30pm

sun/heat exposure

I lie in Az in a newly purchased home. Spinkler system for backyard is located in a full sun spot. The cover was damaged and the door remained open in the heat enough to affect the digital control panel. Is there a replacement part for this or is it time to replace the entire control box??? Thx


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Tuesday, November 19th 2002, 12:22pm

What kind of controller is it? If you cannot see the digital display at all, you might have to get a whole new controller. I don't know of any parts that you can replace the digital screen with, due to that I install all my controllers either in a garage or house basement.


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Wednesday, February 26th 2003, 11:39am

It is probably cheaper to just replace the unit with a key entry Box so you can lock it.


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