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Tuesday, September 3rd 2002, 12:18pm

PVC size for lateral lines of the sprinkler heads

My main water line into the house uses 3/4" cupple pipe. For this I plan to use 3/4" PVC for the main supply line of each zone. A few questions:

[1] I plan to order from you the Rain Bird sprinkler heads. Do these heads use 1/2" or 3/4" input connectors?

[2] What size of the PVC shall I use for the lateral lines that delivar water from the main supply line to the sprinkler heads? If the sprinkler head uses 1/2" connector (is it correct?), shall I use 1/2" for all lateral lines?

[3] Do you have Rain Bird sprinkler heads that produce a rectangular spray pattern? Where shall I look for these heads? What are the dimension size of these heads, assuming my water pressure is 55 psi?

[4] I also look for air compressor for wintering. According to your guidelines, it shall provide 10 to 25 CFM with pressure less than 50 psi. I look through the local department store, such as LOWES, MENARDS, they only carry ones with 4-7 CFM. Where shall I look for this?


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Sunday, September 8th 2002, 10:02am

I have your answers for you in the order you asked them:

1.) What kind or Rainbird heads are you ordering? 1800 spray (1/2") 3500 rotor (1/2") 5000 rotor (3/4") T-Bird rotor (3/4") any others refer to the Rainbird website at www/

2.) Use 1" PVC for your mainline to the valve manifolds, then run 3/4" Poly or PVC (your choice) for sprays, and 1" Poly or PVC to rotors for your laterals.

3.) Rainbird makes a nozzle called "Rectangular Side, Center, or End Strip." They are for sale on sprinklerwarehouses online store.

4.) You shouldn't go less than 10 cfm pressure regulator set at about 55. I recomend you have a professional winterize your system for you.

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