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K. J. Hodson

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Sunday, August 4th 2002, 7:33am

Sprinklers won't turn on

I had installed a sprinkler system about 7 years ago using Nelson products with a six zone control panel. This has been a rental unit for six years and my tenant never used it. I found several sprinkler heads either broken or missing. I replaced them and installed new batteries in the controller and manually turn on one zone and nothing happened, so I tried another zone. Same thing. I then went to the valves and noticed that they were buried and cleaned out all the dirt around them. Everything looks okay. So now I don't know what to check for. Any ideas?



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Sunday, August 4th 2002, 4:56pm

Is your shut-off valve on? Is there a main valve? A little more info. here please.


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Sunday, August 18th 2002, 10:03am

Is there 120 volt power to Clock ?Check with a VoltMeter @ outlet on wall where transformer is plugged in . Is it a GFCI ? push button.

Are the valves getting 24 volts ? if not the wires are broken from clock to valve(s).

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