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Sunday, September 15th 2013, 3:12pm

Help! two zones running at once.

I have two zones that run at once. When zone two turns on zone seven comes on and vice versa. Ive checked the wiring into the control panel, at the splice, and at each box. I cant see an issue such as a crossed wire etc. (the zones are in different valve boxes). Any ideas?



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Sunday, September 15th 2013, 5:18pm

The wiring's probably messed up.
Make sure it's not the controller first.
Disconnect either the zone 2 or 7 wire from the controller. Now run it.
Do both valves still come on? Probably yes. You have a wiring problem.
Does only 1 zone come on now? I doubt it but it happens. The controller's bad.
I'm assuming it's a wiring problem. The wires are crossed somewhere between the controller and where the wires are spliced that lead to two different boxes.
Is there only one bundle of wires leading from the controller to valve 2 and valve 7 then splice off somewhere down the line? Check right where they splice off. It sounds like you did already though.
The casing probably is cut somewhere exposing the wires now they're touching.
Do any digging lately?

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