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Freddyfrom fl



Tuesday, August 6th 2013, 6:49pm

Pump relay not working?

Hey guys and girls total newbie to the irrigation world. Long story short whenever I switch on a zone for my sprinkler system the pump doesn't engage and turn on. The control unit shows the correct display however.

If however I push a screwdriver head into the pump relay itself then it works. Looks like the relay doesn't engage, there appears to be 24 V inside the signal cable that feeds to the pump relay. Well it's a constant 24v should it be ?



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Tuesday, August 6th 2013, 9:29pm

Turn off the pump power before investigating the relay. Maybe it's failing. Maybe there's a wiring fault. You have to do better than poking with a screwdriver, when it comes to matters electrical.

One good multimeter, and the knowledge how to use it, beats a thousand informed guesses.

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