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Tuesday, May 14th 2002, 6:39am

Harmony Poly Pipe End of Line Drain

I am having a lot of trouble with the "Harmony Poly Pipe End of Line Drain" (new installation). About half of these that I install leak terribly(internally, not external fitting or clamp). I have had to create a testing device to determine if they leak before i install them. Does any one have installation suggestions? They are supposed to be easily installed and trouble free. I have had to dig several up and replace.


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Friday, May 24th 2002, 3:29am

Do you have enough pressure to close the automatic drain? If you do not have enough pressure to close the valve to stop it from leaking, it's going keep leaking unless theres a way to give your system more pressure. I've never tried any automatic drain valves, but can you put them on the middle of the line on low spots? Just a thought. It might be that you don't have enough pressure. How many heads do you have on a line?

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