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Saturday, April 27th 2002, 1:30pm

Hole in piping

I am looking for the proper way to repair a hole in my sprinkler system piping. It is about the size of a pencil eraser and it goes through both sides. It is on a straight portion of the piping. I don’t know the specifics of the piping but it is a softer plastic, meaning it has some give to it (it bends some) I am hoping I can get some help here or direction to a website that can help.

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Sunday, April 28th 2002, 1:56pm


It sounds like you may have black poly pipe as your piping with a hole in it. If so, turn off the water to the pipe, cut the pipe in half at the hole. Use an insert coupling to connect the pipe back together. Here is a link to our insert couplings page:

If you have white PVC piping use a quik-fix to repair the pipe. Here is a link to our Quik-fixes:

If you have black 1/2" funny pipe or swing pipe you will need an insert fitting (coupling) for swing pipe which is found on the following page:

If you have some kind if drip line you will need a coupling for the size pipe you have.
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