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Tuesday, May 28th 2013, 11:48am

Controller suggestions

Hi, I am new, my first post also.
I need a suggestion.
I have a Orbit 6 station controller Mod; WTM231186 that has an 'A' & 'B' program. But I don't think it can do what I want it to do.
At least I haven't any any luck with it.
Like in Program 'A', only turn Valve '1' at x time On on Monday and only turn Valve '3' On on at x time Tuesday or turn Valve 4 On on Friday.
Maybe it will do it, I just can't figure it out.

If this controller won't do what I need it to do, I'm looking for suggestions and a controller that has more flexibility and functions.



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Tuesday, May 28th 2013, 12:39pm

Home Depot has a controller that will do what you want.
You can set each individual zone for specific days of the week and specific times of day.
Ignore the negative reviews. Like the guy who says there's no warranty. That's rediculous.…00#.UaTqV0C1Fnt


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Tuesday, May 28th 2013, 2:56pm

Check out BlueSpray ( It has unlimited programs and start times that will satisfy your programming need.

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