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Saturday, May 25th 2013, 3:50pm

PVB Assemly replacement

Also posted this on the backflow board, but this seems to be more active and hoping to get some help.

I didn't shut the water off to my sprinkler system in time last winter and we got an early freeze and I got a crack in my PVB and one of the nearby pipes (the downstream pipe).

Anyway, I am racking my brain getting started. My setup looks almost exactly the same as this guys:
Conbraco 1" PVB (see pictures)

There is a crack in the PVB casing, so repairing the internals isn't going to work. Need to replace the entire thing. This is what I am thinking of ordering to replace it:…c4a-505-02f.htm

Which should work. My only problem is, how the heck do I get the old one off? I went out with some wrenches and thought it would be fairly easy but I can't figure out what to unscrew. Then I started researching, and have seen some people sawing off the piping which seems to be what I have to do.

There are two valves on the PVB. Does only one of these typically screw in, and the other needs to be welded on? If that is correct, does it matter which one gets threaded?

Slightly confused!!! Thanks for any help.

I fixed your link. Mrfixit..

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Monday, May 27th 2013, 10:17am

Youll have to cut the down pipe. All joints on the assembly are threaded and will unscrew with a little muscle and the proper wrenches. Start unscrewing from the outlet side and work to the inlet side taking it apart piece by piece. Reassembly will start at tje inlet and work toward the outlet. If youre lucky enough to have enough room, you may be able to spin off the whole assembly at once. Use plenty of teflon tape and tighten well. Never loosen an overtightened joint, take tje time and redo it. You will need to solder the copper down pipe when all done, so dont forget the tools for that. Should take you about 20 minutes!

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