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Friday, May 17th 2013, 6:29pm

Spring startup - Backflow Preventer "Blurps" ? (video inside)


I'm trying to turn on my irrigation system and seem to be having a problem with my backflow preventer.

I turned both valves in line with the pipe, turned the small relief valves off with a screw driver and placed the cap back in on the bottom which was removed during winterizing.

When I went to turn the water back on in the basement (half way since we have high water pressure), I realized the line never pressurized. I went out side and realized water kept "burping" out of the bell housing.

I turned the water off and took off the cap to see what the issue is, it seems like it can't get a seal.

This video is after I turned off the main water and removed the bell cap - what you see is leftover pressure in the line - when the water was on it was a lot more violent. The motion is the same though.

Hoping someone can help!

( I fixed your link, mrfixit. )

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Friday, May 17th 2013, 7:54pm

Fixed it! (for now)

I was able to resolve the issue - although i'm not sure it was the correct way.

I turned off both valves on the bell housing, turned the main water on in the basement. As expected, the water pressurized correctly. I took the "bell" cover off and then slowly turned on the one valve and noticed water was leaking out of the top like in the video. I adjusted the spring seal until it went upwards and stopped leaking. I noticed when I let it go, it began to leak again, so I held it upward and let the 1st bottom valve be completely at this point (no water since I was holding it upward). I then slowly released the second valve to the open position - water began to flow into the rest of the system and pressurized normally. I then let go of the seal in the bell housing and it held perfectly.

I tried turning everything on and off again to make sure noting leaked and it nothing has. I think I'm good to go (for now anyway).

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