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Wednesday, May 8th 2013, 10:21pm


yes it is on City water, all other stations work fine, plus the other 2 stations within this manifold work fine too, I have dug the whole thing up looking for leaks b/c it worked fine last year, didnt find anything but still replaced it to 1 inch pipe coming off the manifold all the way. it had been 1 inch to the T...and down to 3/4" there on out to the heads...I had some regular rainbird 1800s on there last year and they worked fine. changed to the mp2000 which should take less GPM but have a better coverage spray than the basic rainbird head... could that be the problem?.


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Wednesday, May 8th 2013, 11:49pm

You are just guessing and changing parts, and good luck with that. Try some pressure and flow measurements.


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Thursday, May 9th 2013, 11:48am

If you are going to keep the MP rotors on there, you need to put PRS heads under them. The heads flow as much water as you supply them with. I've dealt with this type of issue many times. If you want to keep the MP's go buy 12 Hunter pro sprays with PRS and install them instead of the basic prospray's.

If you goto and look at the MP Rotators you will see under the specifications tab that the recommend an output pressure of 40 PSI. They say list an option of installing them on Prospray 4" with PRS. The other option would be pressure control on the valve, but that won't solve the problem.

The heads at 40 psi will put out .79 GPM each at 180 degrees. That equates to 9.48 GPM for that zone. Under most conditions that should be sustainable.

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