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Sunday, April 28th 2013, 12:46pm

Does any one make a 1/2 inch riser to single or double 1/8 inch tubing adapter

Our existing watering system has two 1 inch pipes that circumnavigate the house, and go to all the planter boxes. Currently there are 1/2 inch risers approximately every 6 feet. If possible, I would like to convert the system to a drip system. Each riser only needs one or two 1/8 inch tubes to service the plants associated with it.

I've found several 1/2 riser to multiple (4, 8, or more?) 1/8 inch tubes. But I only need one or two...

So, does anyone make 1/2 inch riser to single or double 1/8 inch drip tubing.


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Sunday, April 28th 2013, 12:54pm

Look for multiple-outlet adapters that you can customize for the number of open outlets.



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Monday, April 29th 2013, 1:12am

I use these all the time. They work great for pots or what have you. I hate the mutiple outlet adapters. If mutiple outlets are needed I insist on installing a 1/2 inch dripline with 1/4 tubing for the emitters or I wont do the job.
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You'll need 1/2" threaded caps for the top of these.

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