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Thursday, February 14th 2002, 1:58am

Re design

I am re doing my back yard the old owner did a bad job on the sprinklers. My question is I have 2 lines going to the back the are for 2 stations of sprinklers, I am wanting to use one line for a drip system as I am not going to need 2 sprinkler station, please excuse me for not know the tech names for this stuff but here we go, I have 3/4" white pipe coming from the valve station, how do I convert it to the black flexible drip line, thanks for your help.


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Thursday, February 21st 2002, 1:04am

You will need to install a regulator into the pvc line first in order to control the pressure to all the black poly line. the black poly line really doesn't like high pressure! When you install this regulator install it in a valve box to find it easily next time.

They make a pvc / drip adapter. Basically it is a blue plastic ring that glues into 1/2" pvc fitting and the black poly then inserts into the blue plastic ring.

Use a 3/4" coupling...........glue a 1/2" nested coupling into it.......glue the blue "drca" adapter into the 1/2" coupling.......viola! insert tubing into blue ring.

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