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Wednesday, January 16th 2002, 8:34pm

Sand Packs for Sprinklers

My friend suggested packing sand around the casing of the sprinkler. He puts sand up to 60% of the height of the sprinkler body, and then wets the sand down so that it will compact. He then adds dirt up to the top and plants grass. He claims that this method makes it easier to service the sprinklers, and forms a solid base (increases stability). What do you think about this method?



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Thursday, January 17th 2002, 1:17am

I personally think that sand is the sprinklers' worst enemy. If you have to replace the sprinkler the sand will naturally go right into the riser/pipe when the sprinkler is removed. Sand is VERY difficult to flush out of the system. At least Arizona Desert Sand is. Personally, I would use swing joints and pack dirt around the head. Should be fine, is the dirt in Jersey that bad?

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Saturday, January 19th 2002, 7:27pm

I agree with SprinklerGuy on this issue. Sand is very hard on the seals of sprinkler heads. It would be much better if you packed the dirt back around the head or if you used top soil from the home improvement store or nursery.

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