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Friday, March 15th 2013, 12:15pm

Want to add a connection to RainBird system to attach a garden hose.

I want to use my garden hose to attach to the rainbird/well system at my house. I am using 5 of the 6 zones. How can I accomplish this. There are times when I want to use the garden hose and not the system. There is a faucet by the pump but it only gets pressure if the System is on. I want hose water without running one of the 5 zones.

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Friday, March 15th 2013, 2:38pm

If the well doesnt have a pressure tank, then there is little you can do. I have installed Hose spigots on a few relay controlled pump systems, but you have to take extreme cautions to do so. First off, a pressure release valve is always on the top of the list of a relay activated pump system. I prefer to set them up so a zone is running while the spigot is activated. If thats not what you want, pressure release valve for sure, a zone valve running just the spigot/s. The biggest problem with running a spigot only, is because you may overwork your pump if you dont use the amt. of water it wants to give you. The best way would be to install a pressure tank. Of course, that opens a can of worms, also.

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