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Wednesday, September 19th 2012, 3:20pm

Fix to gradual loss of pressure

Hi, this is my first post. I've got a large system, 18 stations, drip works fine, but sprinkler pressure is lost after 1 or 2 cycles. I can easily fix the issue by turning off the water coming from the well and releasing the pressure using the ball valve underneath the inlet strainer. I thought this might be a pressure vacuum breaker issue but I just rebuilt it and it should be OK. So now I think it has something to do with the inlet strainer. I have a metal filter sitting in a plastic housing with the 3/4" ball valve at the bottom to release water if I need to. The strainer seems to be clean so it's hard to believe it could be a clogged strainer. Any ideas?


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Wednesday, September 19th 2012, 8:16pm

Either the strainer is clogging and you don't see it, or the water level in the well is dropping as the system runs. With a pump set deep below the (at-rest) water level, there can be a significant decrease in pressure as the water level drops in the well shaft.

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