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Sunday, July 22nd 2012, 11:37pm

Why Class 200 for laterals ?

I´m starting as irrigation contractor in South America. I'm aware that most literature advice to use Class 200 PVC for laterals. I would like to know why is this, since PVC pipe pressure rating already include an important security factor. Pipe manufacturers claim that you should not use a pipe rated more than 25% over design pressure values. So, if most of sprinkler systems have design pressures of 50-60 psi, why should we use Class 200 pipe ? Thanks a lot !


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Monday, July 23rd 2012, 12:53am

the pressure rating of pipe is one thing - its physical strength is another - irrigation pipe buried underground usually fails from forces outside the pipe - if the pipe is thin enough, the material itself might all but disintegrate if exposed to sunlight - and PVC always grows more brittle with age - brittle and thin is worse than brittle and thick

given a location near the equator, you would take special care with above-ground PVC - look at pipe and fittings classed as PVC-R

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