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Sunday, July 15th 2012, 5:16pm

Convert from hunter pgp to I20

Hello all im a newbie in rotors. im looking to swap out some leaky hunter pgp to the i20. does anyone know if the heads fit without having to dig up the whole body to swap these in? or should i jut do a pgp ultra which i know fit? many thanks guys! :thumbup:



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Sunday, July 15th 2012, 11:07pm

I've tried to put a PGP into an I-20. No dice. Will an I-20 go into a PGP? I doubt it. Never tried.
Wait for Gator in the morning. He'll probably give it a try and let you know.


Monday, July 16th 2012, 8:27am

Tried it.
Different threads for the cap. I-20 has one more twist.
I could physically tighten things down but it doesn't feel like a good seal.
I wouldn't try it in the field, pretty sure you'd see leaks.


Monday, July 16th 2012, 10:20am

Thanks guys i have confirmed with Hunter I20 totaly different but pgp ultra and pgp same match. for $1.67 more ill just swap the PGP to the Ultra model. I do like the arc return due to some damn kids! X(

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