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Sunday, July 8th 2012, 5:24am

Connection of Solar-Sync and Roam RCS to Hunter Pro-C

I am a happy user of Pro-C equipped with Solar-Sync sensor. Recently I bought Roam with SmartPort kit. I found out that SmartPort should be connected to REM terminal of Pro-C. However this terminal is already occupied by Solar-Sync wiring. In manuals I have not found nothing about possibility of parallel conection of different devices to this terminal. Does anybody have a secret knowledge on the topic? Just to avoid burning out the device...


Monday, July 9th 2012, 9:18am

I can't find anyone local who has done this.
Give Hunter a yell at 760-591-7383


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Tuesday, July 10th 2012, 4:52am

Yelled. Was advised to relax and connect. Connected. So far so good. All is working... Thanks.


Tuesday, July 10th 2012, 8:08am

Thanks for the update.
You are now the official expert.

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