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Saturday, June 23rd 2012, 11:35pm

controller question

Hi all. I am trying to select a controller for my system and am having some trouble. I need a controller that will give me a lot of flexibility and cannot find one. For example, I need valve 1 to run on tu and th at 0400, valves 2 and 3 to run mwf at 0500 and 2200 etc etc. In other words I need the flexibility to set individual valve times AND dates individually. None of the controllers I am finding at big box stores have helped. Any ideas?



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Sunday, June 24th 2012, 12:17am

Check out the Hunter an Rainbird controllers.
Click here


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Sunday, June 24th 2012, 6:30am

How many zones do you have? Your solution might be as simple as having one zone associated with one program, on a conventional controller, each program having its own schedule.

How many different schedules do you really need?

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