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Monday, June 4th 2012, 4:47pm

Need to protect wiring to valve

My gardening company recently cut the wire to two of my valves while trimming a succulent ground cover. The backyard was pretty dry before I discovered it.
I repaired it, but I need automatic sprinklers as I travel for work. Is there anything that I can use to protect the wires from the threat of nylon trimmer line? I thought of wrapping heavily with electrical tape, but hoped somebody might have a more elegant solution.


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Tuesday, June 5th 2012, 8:01am

Bury them 6 inches


Tuesday, June 5th 2012, 8:28am

Either deep bury deep or sleeve.
Since you already have a connection there you could probably undo you have a couple of simple options.

Get a piece of large PVC for sleeve. 1 1/2" or 2" or even drain pipe.
Lacking in elegance but rugged, get a section of chicken wire and wrap around wires a number of times. Flexible and tough.

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