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Sunday, May 20th 2012, 6:22pm

Hunter Pro-C Incorrectly Running 2 Zones

Hunter Pro-C, purchased 2002, model with 3 zones per control module, grey and/or black control modules that snap in place.

The system has run flawlessly for several years. There's been no digging, playing with wires, nefarious moles or other problems that I know of. This year the system has decided to run two of the zones simultaneously...once in awhile! The two problem zones are #6 and #9. Since each controller module handles three zones, these two problem zones are the 3rd zone, or screw terminal, on their respective module. I'm hoping that will be clue.

While investigating, I tried running the various zones in "One Station Manual Mode". I tried #9 which started up and ran for a few minutes before I noticed a loss of pressure. Turns out #6 had started running as well. When I tried running #6 in "One Station Manual Mode" it wouldn't run. I reset the system by pulling AC power (no battery installed) and tried the "One Station Manual Mode" test again. This time #9 ran for an hour with no problem. Then #6 ran for an hour with no problem. It would be wonderful if the "pull the plug reset" had solved the problem, but I've but I've had the #6 & #9 simultaneous problem three times this Spring.

If wiring were the problem, I don't think resetting the controller would temporarily solve the problem. Also, I ran the Quick Test <,>,+,- and no problems were detected.

Any thoughts on whether this is an overall controller issue or can it be narrowed down to one of the 3-zone modules?



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Sunday, May 20th 2012, 7:42pm

swap zone wires around, and see what happens - you want to rule out a problem with field wiring


Monday, May 21st 2012, 9:04am

swapping the wires will not only give you an idea of field wiring conditions but will work at a test of the controller/modules.
I'm sort of in the "your controller is broken" frame because of the strange pattern.
Need a little more testing first.
How many zones and modules total?
If you don't move the wires around but swap module locations what happens?

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