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Wednesday, April 4th 2012, 12:29pm

leaking pressure vacuum breaker

I have a Wilkins PVB model 720A and am trying to turn my system on but the breaker keeps leaking. I have taken it apart and there is nothing in it causing it not to work. Does anyone have any advice for me?


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Wednesday, April 4th 2012, 12:44pm

Do take the step of first closing the outlet isolation valve, before you turn on the system. If the PVB isn't leaking, then you would look elsewhere for a reason you have pressure too low for the PVB to seal.

I've installed those, but never had leaks without there being some debris - freeze damage is excepted - if the leaking is from a testcock, you replace it.


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Thursday, April 5th 2012, 10:38pm

What he said.

Turn the 2nd handle off and then quickly turn the 1st handle on and see if it leaks continously.

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