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Monday, November 28th 2011, 9:46am

What irrigation is best for a small slope

I would like some help on irrigating my sloped hill. I currently am running a rain bird irrigation system. The following is the criteria that I have:

Rain bird ESP controller with 6 valves
Avg 40 #PSI
10 gal per min flow.
Slope is 6’6” with a 2’1” drop, soil is silty clay and length of run is 80’.
My landscape plan will incorporate shrubs, ground cover,and possibly some flower beds.

Some opinions state to run a ½” emitter tubing with a minimal of 18” spacing of the emitters. Others have noted a solid ½” tubing with emitters strategically placed near the plantings. Lastly I have read of running 3/4" or 1" pvc pipe the length of the slope and have mufti-emitter manifolds on risers with ¼” tubing distributing water to the plants. On the other hand it has been noted that 1/4” is not the way to go due to problems.

I have thought about upgrading the controller to the ESP-SMT to give me more control of the timing of water distribution on the slope.

Questions: What is the best way to build the drip system or there a better way? Should I scratch the
drip system idea and go with a sprinkler setup? What valve, pressure relief valve, and filter is best?

Any help would be grateful.


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Friday, December 2nd 2011, 9:00am

I would not do drip on a large area. I would use spray heads. I would also run the zones perpendicular to the slope. have your heads run horizontally on the slope not the full length of the slope. good luck.
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Saturday, December 3rd 2011, 7:15am

Thanks for the feedback.If I go with sprinklers t'm thinking the the MPR spray heads would do me best due to the small 6'6" distance of the slope. I have Rain Bird throughout my system but is Toro or Hunter a better MPR unit. In my design planning I was going to use a 30 PSI relief valve. Is that a problem with the MPR?

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