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Saturday, September 3rd 2011, 2:33am


This may be the same problem as "ibfalgi" recently posted. Every zone is off when Hunter Pro C is unplugged. As soon as I plug the controller in, 2 zones come on even though the controller is in the off position(and reads off). This all started after lightning struck in the yard. The controller looks(and smells) fine. The company that installed the system buried the valves throughout the yard. I found one of the valves that operates one of the 2 faulty zones and, with the controller unplugged, turned that zone on and off with no problem manually turning the solenoid 1/4 turn. The mods are gray and I have only one new black mod in case that's the problem. Should I start with the solenoids or try troubleshooting the mods first? Maybe it's the entire clock? Any suggestions? 8|


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Saturday, September 3rd 2011, 9:25am

try swapping modules


Saturday, September 3rd 2011, 12:08pm

Yup! All set. I found all the buried valves and will be rebuilding a new manifold, nice n' neat, in a better spot ...score! :) I started with the cheapest fix and swapped out a solenoid to make sure. That wasn't it. Magnet was intact. Then, since I only had one module( a three zoner) I swapped that out with one of the zapped modules and bingo! Two of the zones on the old module still worked but it's nice to have the system fire in sequence(9 was firing on 7-8-9 module[Pro C]). For now I disconnected the other burnt out zone, zone 3, on the base module until I have time to pick up a new one of those. I could have moved zones around and made it work since zones 1 and 2 (and ground-"C") were fine but that would have caused a few "gaps" in the firing order. I'm psyched! So is the homeowner. Thanks Bet Woots-I mean, Wet Boots ;)

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