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Robert Smith

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Friday, July 29th 2011, 12:49pm

Richdel 205tf selenoid water valve--

I am assuming that the large knob on top is to adjust the water pressure-- which way do I turn it to reduce the pressure, it is blowing my connectors (black) apart & is also spraying water out between the top & bottom of the main body, the water pressure coming into my house ( city water) was measured at 80 psi


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Sunday, July 31st 2011, 8:19am

holy crap lol,turn it clockwise,you can also turn main valve in house and also the valves on your backflow, of course you dont want to turn those if it makes any pipes slam in your house. the flow control valve should work just fine. im sure you mean the star looking knob which is the flow control,not the solenoid. just had to ask

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