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Mud Man

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Saturday, July 16th 2011, 10:13pm

Can not dig deep enough -- how to hook up sprinkler

I started digging my ditches today with a rented ditch witch. I'm digging 11 inch trenches to install rotating sprinklers on 1 in lateral pipes. I'm unable to consistently get down 11 in in some areas even with the ditch witch. I can get down 11 inches at the point I need to put the sprinkler head, but only about 6 inches on either side. What are my options for conecting a 10 in sprinkler head to a pipe that is only 6 inches deep? Is there a flexible hose connection? What are the pros and cons of using that connection on the rest of my system -- that is, just dig 6 inch deep holes except where the sprinkler head will go and dig that deeper. That would make the digging go much quicker! Thanks, Mud Man


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Saturday, July 16th 2011, 10:41pm

Of course there are special connections for this purpose, based on the use of "swing pipe" or "funny pipe"

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