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Thursday, July 14th 2011, 12:33am

Valve won't close

We have an old system with 11 zones in 2 boxes. Hardie 3/4 valves and 1" lines, all downsized to fit. Hardie valves are small and it's difficult to replace them within the same space.

I had to turn off the water to the whole system in mid July, high desert with new grass seedlings coming up.

One has broken DEEP inside, the brass wire that holds the actual valve in place with a spring inside.

I used to be able to order the entire Hardie replacement valve from Basic Irrigation Parts, then I was able to order all the guts, now all I can get is the diaphragm replacement kit.

So this time I'm calling the pros, I need a new manifold with all new valves for at least 5 zones. It's too bad, I'm an expert at repairing these valves but they don't have the parts anymore.

Would it be to my advantage to buy the new valves myself or just take whatever they happen to have? One plumbing contractor wanted $1100 for a six zone manifold, crazy, I would never do that.

I could just cut out the manifold myself with a sawzall and figure out as I went how to rebuild it with new valves but I am tired of this, and I can afford to hire someone.

Any suggestions?



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Thursday, July 14th 2011, 12:11pm

That valve is still being manufactured today, as the Irritrol 700B-.75

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