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Tuesday, August 8th 2006, 7:54am

PR Off in Rain Bird ESP-6TM

I have RainBird ESP-6TM controller and my display shows PR-Off. I followed the steps outlined in the manual but no success yet. Here is a list of things I have done so far:

1. Checked the power outlet. I have twin power outlets; one for the sprinkler and the other for the Garage opener. Garage openers works fine from either outlet. So power outlet is good.

2. Checked the little fuse. The fuse wire inside is intact. In any case, I replaced it with a spare one. Still no power.

3. Model: AC2650650 External transformer was my suspect now. Took it to Home Depot and checked it with a voltmeter. It correctly outputs 26.5V AC.

So now I am basically out of ideas? Anything you can suggest will be greatly appreicated.




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Tuesday, August 8th 2006, 6:16pm

I can think of a few oddball ideas. You never know. Whenever I say I've seen everything something new comes along. There's a possibility both fuses are bad. I'd make sure the transformer is making contact correctly with the timer. They connect funny with that timer. I'd take the lithium battery out and unplug the timer for a couple minutes then plug it back in. Sometimes that will reset things. Maybe the wire on the transformer is crimped making it an intermittent problem. Maybe the timer is just bad. I've seen dozens of Esp's with a haywire lcd screen. From a repairmans standpoint. You've made all the right moves with what you stated you've done so far. Now you're looking for something unexpected. Good luck!
If I can't fix it, it's broken!


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Saturday, August 12th 2006, 6:12am

I took Mr. Fixit's word for it and put everything back - same fuse, same transformer, same power outlet. Controller started to receive power and now works normally.

I am sure relieved but can't say that I am completely relieved as not knowing why power was lost still bothers me. Never the less, thanks for Mr. Fixit's suggestion to just try again.

I guess much like a Windows based computer, if something is amiss, just reboot!!


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Friday, August 18th 2006, 12:46am

wanted to add my 2c here. I too saw the pr-off message and a sorry-looking lawn with this system after 5 years of faithful service. I spent hours trying my voltmeter on different points in the circuit to figure out what was wrong and the blown fuse was the culprit, but the fuse tube was not dark like you might expect a blown fuse to look. Upon closer inspection, there was a break in the fuse which was very hard to see as the 500mA fuse wire looks to be no thicker than a hair. I suspect that the wire inside the fuse might be temporarily touching which means you might be finding a distressed lawn next time somebody bumps into the unit. I suggest a careful inspection of and maybe a continuity test across the fuse. I noticed that the newer models have alternative circuit protection and I read somewhere that failed fuses was the number one cause of returns for these units. Hopefully you'll still have your spare fuse handy. best wishes.




Monday, June 22nd 2009, 2:58pm

I had the same issue, but found that the transformer had been fried. I guess a recent electrical storm shorted out the the transformer, and wasn't supplying the timer with power. I checked it by using a voltage meter, found it was dead, and proceeded to buy a new transformer at a local sprinkler company. I installed it and instantly the system worked again! Now the only problem is trying to figure out why zone 2 is blowing the fuse. DOH!



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Monday, June 22nd 2009, 8:05pm


Hi Johnny, When a fuse continuously blows it's almost always a bad solenoid or crossed wiring. Watch and see what numbered valve is blowing the fuse. Find that valve and disconnect one of the wires from the solenoid. Now with a new fuse in place try running that station again. If the fuse doesn't blow the solenoid is bad. If it does there's probably a crossed wire somewhere. Next disconnect that stations wire from the controller keeping the wire disconnected at the solenoid. Turn on the station again. If the fuse blows it's the timer. If not it's the wiring.

Good luck!




Friday, July 31st 2009, 11:09am

I have the same problem with my Rainbird controller. I have checked the power outlet and the fuse. I noticed that when I remove the lithium battery, the LCD display fades, regardless of whether the transformer is plugged in or not. Is that a dead give-away that the transformer is bad? I don't have a voltmeter, so I can't readily check it to see if it puts out 26.5V. I guess I'll have to take it to the hardware store to check it (or buy a voltmeter).




Monday, August 23rd 2010, 8:47am

It worked

Hey I know this thread is from a year ago, but I'd just like to thank you guys for saving me the extra hassle of calling the guy that installed my system. I popped the lithium battery and the fuse out (and they both read fine on the voltometer), said what the heck and put them back in and everything works fine now.
Thanks again!




Monday, October 4th 2010, 2:43pm

rainbird PR OFF message

I read all the info in here, They sounded complicated. I went and tried a different power source. That is via a extension cord from another wall outlet in the garage. It work immediately. I unplugged and reconnected it to the original outlet, and it is back to normal. I guess it needed to be reset.




Sunday, March 6th 2011, 10:36pm

It worked!

Thanks for posting this. Just unplugged after trying everything else and it worked. Saved me a bunch of time and money.


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