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Thursday, June 16th 2011, 7:59am

System won't run the separate programs on separate days

?( We have 3 zones in the front yard and six zones in the back yard. Program A is the front yard and Program B is for the back yard. We initially had them set Program A to run on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday (front) and Progranm B (back) to run on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. All of a sudden one day program B did not turn on but program A was watering correctly. We then tried to "fix" the problem BUT now program A AND B both run on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Short of it...program B won't run just alone on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. What can we do???


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Thursday, June 16th 2011, 8:32am

Wipe out all the programs and start over


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Thursday, June 16th 2011, 11:28pm

separating it out like that, the way you have done it, does absolutely nothing.

Your still watering the system 3 times a week. So what does watering 6 days a week do? Nothing more then watering 3 times a week

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