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Thursday, June 16th 2011, 1:28am

Toro Green Keeper

Hey , I just recently bought a house that has a Toro Green Keeper control box. The sprinklers worked great the first few days ( house was a foreclosure so it was sitting for two years )....but then one day I went to manually put them on and there was a watering off symbol displayed ( water drop with a slash ) . I kept unplugging and plugging the control box back in on a daily basis so Im wondering if that had anything to do with it . I called a local sprinkler company and he replaced two selonoids because 2 zones werent firing up . He said that was most likely the problem. So a few says later when i went to water again of course the watering off symbol is back on . PLEASE HELP ! I paid 530 bucks to have 2 selenoids replaced and he did fix a few of the heads and have to locate the valve box because it was buried under dirt under a bush in my yard. The previous owner didnt put the valves in a box. I did notice that the sprinkler guy was able to manually get the control box out of this mode but he was too arrogant to share this information with me and I cant find anywhere online how to do it. Any help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks!


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Thursday, June 16th 2011, 6:25am

Why would you unplug a control box that doesn't use as much as a dollar a year in energy?

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