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Wednesday, June 15th 2011, 1:32am

Good filter?

Where can i get a good filter with low pressure loss, I'm putting it in front of my DCA, and can some one please describe to me what non toxic means? I mean im gonna put feritlizer on the ground and water it, not actually inject it into the system? Should i be worried about my health? Also What is the deal with, regular dca's and lead free dca's! Thinking of useing a Febco 850, they have both type?


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Wednesday, June 15th 2011, 8:09am

California likes lead-free plumbing, and what California wants, the market will provide. By the way, the Febco 850 is always referred to as a DCVA, and not by any other abbreviation.

A simple Wye Strainer is all you would need upstream of a backflow preventer, if you are on city water.

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