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Wednesday, June 8th 2011, 10:47pm

Pump loses prime sprinkler pump keeps losing it's prime. It's a new pump connected to a well with all new valves and PVC. The well used to be the house supply, but since getting city water, we only use the well for the lawn. Is this a problem with the check valve? And if so, where is the check valve?


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Thursday, June 9th 2011, 1:48am

Unfortunately there are just Too many variables of the issue.. I recommend to get an irrigation company that also specialize in pump/well systems to diagnose this/fix this for you.

Your well/ pump setup can be setup many different ways .. With out much more information we can't really answer much for you.

some idea's come to mind
* A leak in the intake that is sucking in air
* Foot valve has gone bad
* Well doesn't have enough water
* Clogging
* Pump has stopped working correctly
* Electrical issue
* prolly other issues I can't think of at the top of my head

As you can see.. There are too many variables

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