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Saturday, April 30th 2011, 2:36pm

Valve sounds like water flowing through it

I have an Irritrol valve, and when the sprinklers are not on it sounds like water is flowing through the valve. Also when the sprinklers are not running there is water coming out of the lowest heads, this is several hours after the sprinklers run.

I believe this irritrol valve(the 2400 series) is the same as the toro 53709.

I went to home depot and bought the toro valve so i can replace the diaphragm and solenoid on the irritrol and after installing all new toro parts in the irritrol valve body it still sounds like water is flowing through the valve. I really do not want to dig up the whole box and replace the entire valve body.

Any other ideas? If i do have to replace the valve what is the best one out there that has a male barb on one end and male thread on the other?



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Wednesday, May 4th 2011, 4:02pm

Make absolutely certain you have the correct valve - then carefully check the 'body' of the valve to see if there is any problems in the 'seat' area, where the rubber part seals shut. If the body is damaged, it has to be replaced.

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