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Sunday, April 3rd 2011, 12:48pm


I have a system with 10 zones. when I first tart the system the zone 1 works and then I get a message "main valve error" what do I need to do to fix it?


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Sunday, April 3rd 2011, 10:45pm

What kind of Rain Bird controller?

Is it the Rain Bird ESPM?

You get an error, does it say Master Valve Error?

If this is the controller and the error says that, look behind the faceplate ( Where the wires are) And look at the ribbon cable that attaches from the board to the face plate. Can you take the ribbon cable off from BOTH sides? If not this is the issue and you will need to a get a Master Valve Error Strap Replacement

Other issues could be bad wireing connections, improper wiring, bad solenoid, short ect..

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