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Monday, March 28th 2011, 5:16pm

Combining Rotors with Drip System

The question is wordy, but I wanted to be specific. Thanks in advance for assistance.

New to site and am homeowner trying to correct a problem. I have a rainbird irrigation system. All 24 zones of my controller are in use. I've taken a space in the middle of one zone of my yard to make a small garden (a 20x20ft square of pea gravel that contains four 4x4 ft raised beds). There are 4 rotors in this zone which covers about 90 ft by 60 ft. One rotor is in the middle of this garden area. I am considering changing to microsprayers or drips for these small beds for better coverage and to avoid damaging taller plants.

My problem is I cannot add a zone. I think I need to have both rotors and drips or microsprays on this one zone...I know from reading other posts that this is not ideal; but it seems the best option to me (I have been running this zone 35-45 min). What chance do I have of this working. I have seen the rainbird 1800 retro sprayhead. But I think that would only be enough for one bed - it only has a 6 port manifold. Could I split my flex tubing (that comes off my pvc to feed that rotor) to 4 seperate flex tubings to feed 4 of these sprayheads (one for each bed)? Could I T into my 1/2 in pvc to add more of these heads for drips? One of the 4 rotors in this zone isn't I could cap it if pressure for the 2 remaining rotors and 4 drip emitters is an issue.

Thanks again for considering my situation. Please be specific in what I'd need to buy/use.


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Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 8:28am

It might make more sense to modify adjacent zones, and have them pick up the coverage that you would lose by dedicating one zone entirely to drip irrigation.


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Thursday, March 31st 2011, 12:22pm

Thanks wet_boots. I'm sure that's what I'll eventually do, but it will be so much simpler to convert that one head to a drip that I think I'll try that first.

I do appreciate your information.

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