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Sunday, March 27th 2011, 6:58pm

Where does the blue wire go?

[attach]47[/attach]I had some valve issues and thanks to this forum I have all of them working. However, I have a blue wire on one side of my drive and a gray wire on the other side of my drive way that are not connected but are stripped back like they went somewhere. In my control box I have two zones that are wired and I found 2 sprinkler bodies in my yard that do not work (I think one of these wires need to go somewhere for them to work) How do I know where they hook up?

Do I just place them on any wire that already has a blue or gray? I am including a picture of the rats nest for a good laugh or maybe it will help. I did NOT wire this up. We bought the house 5 yrs ago and it was built in 1979.


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Sunday, March 27th 2011, 10:30pm

Not the Green Wire.. Don't ever cut the green wire!! ( From the movie fight club hehe)

A lot of times a installer will install extra wire into the ground which gives the system the ability for future expansion.
Other then the 2 sprinkler heads you found not working, does your yard appear to have full coverage ?

It's possible those wires went to other valves. Though I would bet those 2 sprinkler heads are apart of your other zones and are clogged up ( unless you don't have full coverage)

You asked- Do I just connect the two wires to the exisiting gray and blue wires? Do this wires you want to connect to appear to be continuing on to possibly somewhere else in your yard? Are these wires at the controller? If you have a a multimeter you can ohm out the 2 wires that you want to connect to, this will tell you if you have a solenoid connected at the end.. A normal operating range is 20-60 . Though I've seen those flo pro's as high as 150 and work just fine.


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Monday, March 28th 2011, 5:23am

Damn, I cut the green wire and now I am in the hospital LOL

I will ohm them out this afternoon and see what I get. One lead goes to the blue or gray....what does the other lead go to? The common (white)?

I "do" have full coverage over my entire yard. They are hooked up in my controller. They were in the old controller so I hooked them up in the new. They are zones 6 and 8 I think and they do not work. I guess I can just move some wires around in the controller and disconnect these two

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