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Wednesday, October 13th 2010, 2:46pm

Designed layout now need input on major materials (controller, valves, sprinkler sprays, etc)

I have designed my landscape and irrigation based on various discussions with irrigation contractors. I have someone that is going to install all of my irrigation and is going to give me a take-off list. I want to get input should I consider changing any of the brands/models to potentially have a better product and or save money (purchase from online resource vs. wholesaler)

While everyone has their opinion on what is the “best” materials to use in a irrigation design I wanted to pick everyone’s brain.

Looking for input as to recommended parts based on our design (more details in attachment)
2 lawns - (11x28 & 14X18)
3 Separate Planters

Controller –
Hunter Pro-C with Solar Sync
Weathermatic SL1600 with on-site Weather monitor
Rainbird ESP-SMT

Valves -
Champion - CL466P-075 - Classic Automatic Anti-Siphon Valve
Irritrol 2711APR
Hunter ASV-075

Sprinkler Sprays –
Hunter - PRS30-CV – 4in Pop-Up Spray Head with Pressure Regulator and Check Valve
Hunter - PRS40-CV - Hunter MP Rotator 4 inch Pop-Up Body with 40 PSI Regulator & Check Valve
Toro 570z-4p-PRX 4" Pop-up Body w/ Pressure reg & check valve

Nozzles -
Toro Precision
Hunter MP Rotator

Living in Los Angeles where water is being rationed, having a system that saves as much water as possible is ideal (rotary nozzles, rain sensor, smart controller, etc).

Controller Reviews:
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Friday, October 15th 2010, 8:07pm

Valves = Irritrol 2711APR ~ they are repairable forever, and will not be an issue so far as performance goes on your newly installed system.

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