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Thursday, September 16th 2010, 12:55pm

Rainbird SST600i zone problem

Up until 4-6 weeks ago my system was working fine. For unknown reason(s), now zone 3 does not work. When I use the controller to manually turn on each zone, when I turn on zone 3, the heads in zone 2 come on (but not the heads in zone 3). When zone 2 is turned on manually, those heads do come on correctly, so the wiring is not simply switched. I tried moving the wire from zone 3 to zone 6 (currently empty), but that did not change anything -- zone 2 heads still came on.

Any ideas?




Thursday, September 16th 2010, 1:14pm

sorry - ignore this! I just realized I put it in the wrong section

oops, put this in the wrong area. will post it in the troubleshooting section instead. thanks!

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