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Tuesday, August 31st 2010, 7:27pm

station 1 does not come on all other stations do

HI, I can,t figure out why my number 1 station does not come on but the other 5 do. I have a rainbird ESP-6Si installed in 1994. I was working great until this month [aug]. I could use some advice on what to do to get it going again. thanks, jerry


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Wednesday, September 1st 2010, 1:12am

Was there any work done on your lawn this month? Can you manually turn the zone on from the clock? Can you manually turn the zone on from the valve? Do you have a manifold assembly with multiple valves in the valve box, or is each zone valve in it's own seperate valve box?

Turn zone one on from the clock (controller) for at least ten minutes. Go to the valve box and remove the wire nuts from one of the wires going to the solinoid for zone one. remove the wire connection. Touch the wires back together that you just pulled apart. If you can hear the clicking of the soloinoid, the clock is fine. That means that you are getting power to the solinoid and also that the solinoid is working.

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