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Friday, July 16th 2010, 6:40am

More than one zone working at a time

I just noticed after replacing a nozzle that more than one zone is operating at a time. I think 3 zones are operating at a time. I have a Toro EL6+. Even when I turn off all the zones and manually turn on 1 zone, several of the are still sprinking. HELP !!!



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Saturday, July 17th 2010, 12:54am

I have a couple of questions.

Is your manifold under pressure at all times? Meaning can you turn on a valve using the bleeder screw or by turning the solenoid or does the timer have to be on for there to be water at the valves?

If there's water at the valves then you probably have a wiring problem. It's possible the controller itself is telling three valves to run at once but I doubt that's the case. Have you done any digging recently where the wires might have been damaged?


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Saturday, July 17th 2010, 9:11am

If there is a master valve, then it is very possible that one or more valves is mechanically sticking open.

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