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Tuesday, May 4th 2010, 4:39pm

Looking for gear driven sprinkler info.

Years ago I installed a sprinkler system with gear driven sprinklers. However, they were nothing like the common ones I find today. They didn't have individual nozzles that I had to install. Instead, they had one stream that would move in an arc and increase the diameter of the arc in subsequent rotations. Altogether there were maybe four different diameters for the full cycle, and it would begin again with the smallest diameter arc.

I would love to find this type of sprinkler again. Anyone have an idea if they still make them?


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Tuesday, May 4th 2010, 6:05pm

You are probably describing Toro 300 series Stream Rotor heads. They may be the most reliable gear drive head ever produced.

Some pros still use them, and they will not use the 340 series that Toro tried to offer as an update on the original.




Wednesday, May 5th 2010, 8:55am

Toro 300

That's it, thanks! I've been looking everywhere for those. I don't know why they're not very popular, but I like them much better than the interchangeable nozzle type.

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