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Saturday, May 1st 2010, 6:18pm

Thanks for the replies guys. I replaced the entire main valve and the system lives once again. I have a big sweetgum tree in the front yard with shallow roots going everywhere. I dug up the box that the main valve is in because i noticed the shutoff was leaking. I built a new assembly with schedule B and a new main valve and put it back together. When i went to reassemble it I noticed the line going to the system wasn't lining up. I dug back a little further to find a 8" diameter root pushing the line up. Had to dig it up and remove it with a chainsaw. Why are easy things to do never easy?????? My next tuneup is to find the buried valve covers and replace some diaphragms that are leaky. Does anyone know a cheap alternative to a wire tracker to finding buried valves???? I know someone will reply a shovel. Any better way? Thanks fellas so much for your help.

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