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Wednesday, April 28th 2010, 6:28am

Zones 2,3,&4 shows "Err" when set to Run Single Station on a Hunter Controller.

Had my 4-zone system off for the rainy season in Florida. Had part of front lawn resodded. When I turned on the system to water the new sod, the system won't work properly. Zone 1 works just fine but 2,3 & 4 showed "Err" on the controller. Tried running single stations and had the same "Err" message for zones 2,3, & 4. Reset the controller to no avail. Had to use hose sprinkler for new sod. Desperately need help.



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Wednesday, April 28th 2010, 1:38pm

There's a problem in the wiring on zones 2, 3 and 4. Read page 25 of this pdf.

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