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Tuesday, April 27th 2010, 1:47pm

RainBird Valve?

Hello to everyone....I just bought a house that has a RainBird Sprinkler System. I got to inspecting the yard and I found a Green box in the ground (has a green lid) at the back of the property. It has what looks to be a valve of some kind. It is marked RainBird on it but no model numbers. On the side pointing in the direction of the house is connected a PVC pipe. the other end has a normal garden hose attached to it that runs out the side of the green box, and up to the surface and then strung along 3 of my neighbors yards (behind their fence) and then just ends. My question is what is the purpose of that hose? I doubt it was attached by a professional installer. Is that something I can remove and still have the system operate normal? The system is currently not on. I need to have a relative connect the back flow valve onto the house to activate the system and test everything out. The previous owner said the system worked for him fine for 5 years then stopped using it. But did say at closing that 2 of the heads didn't work. I am interested to hear some feedback. Thank you for any help.



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Tuesday, April 27th 2010, 5:44pm

Sounds like someone jerry rigged something in your backyard. You can probably take it out. You might want to leave the valve there just in case you want to use it someday. If it's electric just disconnect the wires. I'd ask the neighbors if they know what it's for. Sometimes people rig things above ground and behind fences because of trees or roots.

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