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Sunday, April 11th 2010, 8:21pm

Sprinkler Valve Leaks When Open (video)

Hey everyone,
I recently took on the challenge of re-irrigating my backyard. Everything seems to be working as desired except this one valve. It only leaks when in the open position (see video below). Any hints on fixing the problem?

Many thanks in advance,



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Sunday, April 11th 2010, 9:52pm

Excellent video. That valve sounds very labored. Looks like the flow control is turned way down. The valve is also very old. It might be on it's last legs. As far as the leak goes it's pretty simple. Take the cap off where it's leaking. There's a white float in there with a black rubber washer on it. Either that washer is broken, missing or loose. Or there's debris in there keeping the float from doing it's job. Could be as simple as replacing that washer. If you want a reliable sprinkler system I'd get rid of those two valves completly.


Saturday, April 17th 2010, 5:12pm

mrfixit know his stuff!

For the benefit of others, I took a few pictures and video.
The washer (or more accurately, o-ring says my hardware store guy) was missing altogether.
$0.79 later, everything works!

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