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Wednesday, September 23rd 2009, 3:04pm

Repairing the old, and adding new valves

I have a zone thats constantly flooding. Am I correct in assuming that its a diaphragm issue?

With good, consistent water pressure.... aprox how many sprinkler heads can I get on one zone?

Who ever installed the sprinkler system did a horrible job. They only installed 4 heads and to get

the lawn from having bad dry spots you end up wattering the house, cars, street etc. So I need to

ditch the old line running down the middle of the yard and trench around the perimeter. To do

this correctly I may need to run close to 8 or 10 heads, but they only need about a 3-4 foot radial spray.

Is this to many on one zone?


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Wednesday, February 17th 2010, 10:46am


I suggest that you call a professional to come and help with the design and then install it. They will be able to test your water flow, water pressure, and then make suggestions to the # of heads and zones needed, as well as the proper head placement.

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